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Wim Hof Method (Yoga du froid) Master Poland

08 Fév 2018

This story is a journey. This story is about 25 pacific warriors.
Heart opening, discipular attitude and one master: the cold. Merciless but righteous.
What I learned and the person I met and made ...

A 5 minutes read summary of « Mindlift » by Kasper van der Muelen

18 Jan 2018

This book is about attention and how mental fitness allows us to take full responsibility of our lives in the modern world. The book is a practical guide on how to optimize our focus via skillful p...

What Doesn't Kill Us – a 15 minutes summary with the book's 13 main messages

06 Juil 2017

What: This 15 minutes read article wants to give a summary of the book “What doesn't kill us” by Scott Carney, a book that ultimately tells us how everyone is capable of becoming more human.

Why: ...

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