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Expedition Trek and Wim Hof Method, Italian Alpes / 23 - 29 August 2020 (in english)

Voyages Méthode Wim Hof

Expedition Trek and Wim Hof Method:
The ULTIMATE ADVENTURE to practice in nature!

Join the third TREK and Wim Hof Method edition in the Italian Alps!

Discover the powerful and wild nature of the Italian Alps during a 6-DAYS ITINERARY TREK.

Do yo want to live an EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE, a unique adventure combining the WIM HOF METHOD with the POWER OF NATURE (glaciers, deeps in mountain lakes, trekking, breathing exercises and meditation) and the STRENGTH OF THE GROUP? 

Find an ENERGY and VITALITY that you will carry back in your daily life!

We have created this trek to allow you to experience the Wim Hof ​​Method over a LONGER DURATION to better experiment and IMPLEMENT DURABLY IN YOUR DAILY LIFE. 

It will take place in the beautiful nature of THE ITALIAN ALPES. 

This trek will be supervised by the @INSPIRE team with Leonardo Pelagotti, certified Wim Hof ​​Method instructor (level 2), as well as Marco Levrone, mountain guide from the Cuneo region (Italy).

To live the extraordinary, let's live to our maximum!

This trek is reserved for 15 participants, with good physical condition and ready to be in full contact with nature for a week. Ready to participate in this trek? Fill out this QUESTIONNAIRE!

WHY doing a TREK and Wim Hof Method?

Discover and practice the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals

Going deeper and experiment the Wim Hof Method thanks to advanced exercices in nature

Experiment different type of cold exposure: ice bath, river, mountain lac, waterfall, snow bath 

Challenge yourself and live a unique experience !


Practice the Wim Hof Method in a full immersion in nature in the heart of the Italian Alpes-Maritime

Learn how to optimize your breath on a daily basis and to raise your physical performances thanks to the Program Oxygen Advantage.

Make extraordinary people and discover the power of the Wim Hof Method "Tribe"

Discover the science and physiology under the Wim Hof Method

​​​​​​​6 days to rediscover  yourself and coming back with powerful tools in your life to become happier, healthier and stronger! 

PROGRAM: Trek and Wim Hof Method

This trek has a great naturalistic interest. A good physical condition will be required to face long mountain walks with distances up to 15km (not every day and some days we will stay around the Alpine shelters).

The trek will pass through glacier lakes, big ones and small ones. From the green prairies and flowers we will walk up to rocks and pick up to 3000mt.

DAY 0: 23 August 2020

We meet in Coni at 18h and we have an Italian dinner then a night in the hotel

DAY 1: Monday 24th August 2020

7:30am: we leave with a shuttle bus to Sant’Anna di Valdieri to start the expedition.

We start our trek in the direction of Rifugio Livio Bianco.  The first day has a level gain of 900 mt – with a walk of 11km estimated to be 4h (excluding the pauses).  In the afternoon we practice the Wim Hof Method at the lake just front of our Alpine shelter where we will spend the night, “Lago sottano della Sella”.

Il Rifugio Dante Livio Bianco

DAY 2: 25th August 2020

We practice thoroughly the Wim Hof Method at the near lakes Sella e della Valletta.

This day has a level gain of 450 mt – with a walk of 4km estimated to be 2h (excluding the pauses).

I laghi della Sella e della Valletta

DAY 3: 26th August 2020

This is the hardest walk day 

7:30am: We leave the Alpine shelter where we spent the night to cross to Rifugio del Valasco via the Colle di Valmiana mt. 2922 mt through various lakes of greatest beauty (Laggi del matto). 

This day has a level gain of 1100 mt and we go down 2200 mt – with a walk of 15km estimated to be 8h (excluding the pauses).

We reach our night Alpine Shelter Rifugio Valasco mt. 1760 at around 17/18h.

Il Rifugio del Valasco, ex Palazzina di proprietà dei Sovrani Italiani
Nei Pressi del Colle di Valmiana mt 2900

DAY 4: 27th August 2020

This is a full Wim Hof Method day in the astonishing lake Valcua.

This day has a level gain of 400 mt – with a walk of 3km (one way) estimated to be 2h (one way). 

Lago di Valcuca

DAY 5: 28th August 2020

9am: after some well-deserved rest we will walk to Rifugio Questa mt 2388with intermediate stop at Lago del Claus.  

This day has a level gain of 700 mt – with a walk of 7/8 km estimated to be 3h (excluding the pauses). 

Lago del Claus

DAY 6: 29th August 2020

9am: We start our descent back stopping in nice mountain torrents and waterfalls at Pianoro del Valasco to reach Terme di Valdieri mt 1350 at around 15h. 

This day we will walk 9/10 km for about 4/5 hours.

 La cascate grande del Valasco
La cascate grande del Valasco

INSPIRE in few words

+ 1000 participants since 2017

+ 3 years practicing the Wim Hof Method 

+ 50 workshops in

5 countries (France, Italy, Pologne, Swizerland, Spain)


.Each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are including and made by the different refuges. 

Alcohol drinks are not including. 

Material check-list

- Mountain backpack: capacity of at least 45 liters, best 60 L.
- Trekking / hiking shoe
- Hiking socks; cotton socks
- Trekking clothing (cotton or breathable)

Material check-list taken by the team

First aid equipment, medicines, first aid blanket, etc.


The trek will be in the valley “Valle Stura di Demonte”. Very beautiful valley, wild, green and with many lakes, streams and waterfalls. And above all a very quiet valley, little frequented by tourists! We will therefore be peaceful throughout our stay. The Stura valley is part of the Alpes Maritimes.

This trek is reserved for 15 participants, with good physical condition and ready to be in full contact with nature for a week. Ready to participate in this trek? Fill out this QUESTIONNAIRE!


Envoyé !

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